mandystoner asked: "[Text]: Can I call you?"

[Text]: Sure! Have at it!

mandystoner asked: "[Text]: Too long to be honest."

[Text]: You alright there?

mandystoner asked: "[Text]: Hey. You around?"

[Text]: Hey there, Brit :) Been awhile since I’ve heard from ya.

mandystoner asked: "[Text]: Fantastic! See you in...about fifteen."

[Text]: Okiedokie

mandystoner asked: "[Text]: There is the parlor, lovely little ice cream shop on mainstreet, they have every kind of ice cream imaginable!"

[Text]: Hahah, alright, I’ll see you there. 

mandystoner asked: "[Text]: That is why I asked. So, you want to go or not? If you don't want to, I understand."

[Text]: You notice how you always do that thing where you automatically assume that I wouldn’t? Haha. I’m going! Where do you want to meet up?

mandystoner asked: "[Text]: I don't think ice cream would take too kindly to it being called "shit"."

[Text]: So you do want to eat ice cream.

mandystoner asked: "[Text]: What other kind of pint would I be talking about!"

[Text]: Ice cream! You eat that shit don’t you!?

mandystoner asked: "[Text]: Care to come out with me tonight for a pint?"

[Text]: Of ice cream? 

mandystoner asked: "[Text]: Yeah, you know what. Typos are making my life miserable right now."

[Text]: Who else have you been typo-ing with? Hahah!